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PRE Mundial


Nickname: Stosie
Foaled: 4/8/99
Height: 15.1
Color: heterozygous grey over bay, DNA EEAA

Offspring: Manrico, Don Carlos, Rinaldo, Ferrando, Giorgio.

        Primoroso III
      Nevado III  
    Justiciero V    
        Descarado II
      Justiciera II 1955  
        Macarena IV
  Aureolo VII      
        Descarado II
      Habanero X  
        Habanera IV
    Aureola III    
      Aureola II  
        Labradora VI
        Nevado III
      Hosco II  
    Caprichoso S    
        Garboso VIII
      Caprichosa VI  
  Caprichosa N      
        Honroso II
      Dacio S  
    Bendita T    
        Hosco II
      Infanzona S  
        Ulterana III

The Justiciero line is one of the few Terry lines to make it to the International levels of competition. It’s no wonder.

A full brother to Aureolo

Aureolo VII

Aureolo's sire

This is our famous Costosa, daughter of the Olympic dressage Andalusian Aureolo VII. This mare has such perfect movement it's stunning to watch. All the elevation and lift of a correct Spanish horse yet with extension and suspension that will make your jaw drop.

An athlete from the second she was born this filly could do pirouettes and clean tempi changes from one day old. She can also coil and spring into airs above the ground with such power it's staggering. She has the intelligence; character and drive that made her sire the International horse he was.

Costosa is our alpha super mare in charge of the whole broodmare band. Her sire gave her drive and energy while her dam imparted her responsiveness and modest manner. Costosa’s extraordinary gaits have earned her a reputation far and wide. I meet people all the time who know of “that grey mare” without ever having seen her.

One of the very few Aureolo offspring in the country makes her a rare and precious asset to our breeding program. Her exceptional reach and extreme range of motion comes from her loose and flexible shoulder. Her front legs are not thrown out with no control but deliberately extended and retracted with power. It’s this huge range of motion and articulation in her joints that give Costosa that something extra.

With her sharp mind, Costosa is often bored at shows. Trotting about in hand is not hard enough work for her so most behind the scenes pictures at shows are of Costosa fast asleep. Horses can be loose galloping about warm up, stallions rearing and plunging, and there’s Costosa with her hip cocked tuning it all out until she’s needed. It is actually great for her foals since they have the emotional rock of mom to hide behind in the busy environment of a show. Costosa turns it on just long enough to pull out her big trot, then falls back asleep. She has made many a person do a double take as this plain grey horse that they walked right by without noticing, suddenly moves off and heads just spin around to watch her.

When looking for movement, look for “that grey mare”.





Costosa is a heterozygous grey mare meaning she will throw grey 50% of the time. Under the grey she is homozygous bay EEAA.


Year End National and Regional Placings:
• 1st place USEF Horse of the Year, Region Six, A/L Performance Horse
• 4th place USEF Horse of the Year, Region Six, A/L High Point Amateur Horse
• 7th place USEF Horse of the Year, Region Six, A/L Halter Horse

July 2010
ERAHC Region Six Andalusian show, USEF “A” Rated.
South Hadley, MA
• 1st place Best Movement
• 1st place Amateur to handle mares
• 1st place Sport Horse in hand
• 4th place Senior mares


June 2007
ERAHC Region Six Andalusian Show,
USEF “A” rated, South Hadley, MA
• 3rd place Senior mares
• 2nd place Produce of Dam


New England Dressage Association Regional Championships,
Halifax, MA.
• 5th place Andalusian Breed class

Dressage at Devon, Devon, PA
• 3rd place IALHA Breed Class
• 6th place Yeld mares 4 and over


Year End National and Regional
• 2nd place USDF All Breed Award
DSHB Mature Bred Mare
• 3rd place NEDA Year End Open Mare Division

July 2003, Northeast Classical Breed Horse Show Keene, NH, IALHA rated
• 2nd place Junior Mares
• Gold Medal Movement Award
• 1st place Best Movement

July 2003, Beland Stables Breed Show, Lakeville MA., USAE/USDF rated
• 4th place Broodmares 4 and over

August 2003, Ox Ridge Dressage Sport Horse, Darien, CT., USAE/USDF rated
• 2nd place Broodmare 4 and over

August 2003, Breezy Meadows Sport Horse Show, Saco, ME.,
• 2nd place Broodmares 4 and over

September 2003, New England Dressage Association Fall Festival Breed Series Championship Finals, USAE/USDF rated
• 2nd place Broodmares 4 and over
• 4th place IALHA Breed class

September 2003, Dressage at Devon, Devon, PA., USEA/USDF rated
• 1st place IALHA Breed Class
• 8th place Broodmares 4 and over


Northeast Classical Breed Horse Show, Keene, NH
• 1st place Junior Mares
• 2nd place Best Movement
• High Point Andalusian

Dressage at Devon, Devon, PA. A rated USAE/USDF/DSHB show
• 1st place IALHA breed class


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Rinaldo: Costosa’s offspring now sold

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Ferrando: Costosa’s offspring now sold

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