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Barn name: Smoosh
Foaled: 4/9/03
Height: 15.1
Color: sooty bay, DNA EEAa

      Lebrijano III  
    Axis/Ingrato (SPA)    
      Ingrata VI  
        Amoroso VII 1967
      Eclipse III  
        Desenvuelta II
    Samba 3    
        Poseido V
      Lebrera XI  
      Genio III  
        Odalisca 1981
    Malandante 1    
      Nube III  
        Tormenta IV
        Partidario IV
        Juguetona X
        Partidario IV
        Juguetona XI

Senta was born here at Tintagel the first foal of the now famous Augusta and by our founding sire Regaliz. She was always the biggest pocket pony from day one. She showed considerably as a weanling and racked up a most impressive show record. All of which Senta took in stride and thought shows were such a wonderful place to meet people. She would walk about way ahead of me on a line just like a dog and stop and introduce herself to people. She was quite a hit on more than one show grounds.

We sold Senta in 2006 but, funny how things work out, she came back to us in 2009. Her first day back was heralded with visitors from all over who remembered that sweet friendly funny brown foal. We are so glad to have her back and her hidden sabino genes combined with Diego's gave us the spectacular colt Alfredo in 2010. I always wanted to cross Regaliz daughters to Diego and if Alfredo is any sign this is certainly a great niche! Universe knew better and brought her back home and we couldn't be happier.

Senta has the big movement associated with Regaliz offspring and his compact form. She is a beautiful baroque type very square and round. Great bloodlines from both sides, a tremendously kind brain and fabulous looks and movement. Now that we have curtailed our breeding program, Senta is in training to be one of our talent horses and she loves it! Quick and eager to learn Senta knows many tricks and is working on her liberty moves.








Senta is an attractive dark brown color with expresso highlights. She is a sooty bay, I have not tested her for the brown gene but am reasonably sure she carries it. Her DNA is EEAa, meaning she cannot throw a red foal but can throw bay or black.


2003 Year End National and Regional Placings:

• 1st place USDF All Breed Award DSHB Weanling/Filly Sport Horse
• 4th place NEDA Open Weanling Colt/Filly/Gelding Sport Horse Division

July 2003 Northeast Classical Breed Horse Show, Keene, NH, IALHA rated
• 1st place Fillies two and under
• Reserve Champion Open Mare Championship (all breeds)

July 2003, Beland Stables Breed Show, Lakeville MA., USAE/USDF rated
• 4th place Fillies of 2003 August 2003 Ox Ridge Dressage Sport Horse Show, Darien, CT. USDF / USAE rated
• Second place - Fillies of 2003
• First Place - Get of Sire (Regaliz)

September 2003 New England Dressage Association Fall Festival Breed Series Championship Finals, USAE/USDF rated
• 2nd place IALHA breed class

September 2003, Dressage at Devon, Devon, PA., USEA/USDF rated
• 5th place IALHA Breed Class