International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
PRE Mundial
International Registry of Colored Horses
Foundation sire Spanish-Norman Registry
Listed with Pinto Horse Association of America


Nickname: Bunny
Foaled 4/10/96
Height: 15.1 barefoot
Color: DNA tested homozygous black, (EEaa) Also carries rabicano, possible sabino.

    Lebrijano III  
  Axis/Ingrato (SPA)    
    Ingrata VI  
      Amoroso VII 1967
    Eclipse III  
      Desenvuelta II
  Samba 3    
      Poseido V
    Lebrera XI  

Regaliz’s sire Axis/Ingrato IX is listed in the LIMPRE Book of Merits and is line bred to the famous Maluso and his son Agente. Almost every current Andalusian competing in FEI dressage today has this bloodline from Spain’s Military Stud. Regaliz’s dam is Terry bred from specially selected bloodlines for functionality.

Regaliz’s family tree has many proven performance competitors in all circles from dressage to Best Movement. That shot of Terry blood combined with the Military is what gives Regaliz his controllable flash and flair.

Regaliz is a superb example of correct, compact Spanish type possessing balance and harmony. He has the bone, substance, movement, nature and noble bearing that have made the Andalusian "The Horse of Kings”.

Regaliz is gaining incredible popularity for the quality of offspring he throws. They are winning USDF Year End Awards as well as Breed Ring Championships.

His foals are all stunning movers and lookers with quiet temperaments and charming character. His prepotency is obvious and he consistently throws short backs, round baroque form, well set necks, great bone and substance, friendly smart, trainable temperaments, and especially his powerful haunches with their thrust, collection, lateral agility and weight carrying abilities. So consistent is his get that spotting them is quite easy when you see those hind ends in action.

Regaliz is precisely that, a character. He is immensely proud and even standing in the stall emanates a regal air and aplomb that is palpable. He is such a reliable breeding horse he is used to tease the whole herd every day during breeding season and neither gets upset or worked up. When the breeding season is done Regaliz doesn’t blink at any of the mares, he knows his job is done and quietly munches his hay while waiting for next year. Nothing frazzles Regaliz. To spook or be nervous is not a noble trait and therefore beneath him.

There is another side of Regaliz which he lets loose every now and again, his sly sense of humor. His best friend in the barn is my gelding Uther who lives in the next stall. Every now and again they get into a hysterical contest of, “who can do which trick better”. Uther will wave a front leg in the stall, so then will Regaliz. Then Regaliz will do a small rear, so will Uther. Then one grabs their favorite hanging toy of a milk jug and starts banging it across the bars back and forth. Then the other grabs their toy and does the same thing until the sound is deafening and we are all holding our ears.

Regaliz also never misses an opportunity to strut and show off for visitors. When turned loose he prances and struts and then will gallop up to the fence and stop dead in front of the person and stick his nose right in their face to say “how about me huh? Pretty impressive don’t you think?” Then he walks back to his stall as quiet a can be. This “on/off switch” is what makes these horses so special. They really can turn on, perform and be asked for intense attitude and concentration and the next instant relax and let go of any tensions and be perfectly calm.

Regaliz loves his body and the power that comes from it so his favorite activity when he wants to show off is bouncing up and down from levade to a low crouch, then leaping back up and down again. This innate ability to leap sideways and forwards and back and diagonally has made him a study for several veterinarians who are amazed at his prowess.

Dr Judith Shoemaker, a chiropractic and acupuncture trained veterinarian from Pennsylvania, calls him neurologically perfect. To watch him rock from front to back, then diagonal to diagonal, just shows his incredible adjustability and ease of balance changes.

He knows where every cell in his body is and can gallop around in mud in a tight area without a slip or any falling off balance. His mouth holds a float and his bite is completely even which again is a reflection of his “all four square” balance. Regaliz has beautiful large open heeled front feet which don’t need shoes. His legs and movements are completely straight and true.


Regaliz is DNA tested as EEaa which means he can never throw a chestnut foal even when bred to chestnut. Depending on what genetic makeup the mare is will determine the color of the foal. Regaliz will only ever throw a black gene.



Don Magnifico

Don Carlos


Regaliz has numerous offspring both purebred Andalusian and many different crosses. He is the perfect cross for Warmblood, Thoroughbred and Saddlebred mares to produce outstanding dressage prospects with collection, flexibility and agility, with Quarter horses to produce an agile light working western horse, Arabs to add roundness and loft, and gaited horses for the ultimate baroque gaited horse. He has also been crossed with drafts for a lighter riding type horse with good presence and round build.

His extreme collection abilities make him an excellent choice for any mare owner who wishes to add that rear end balance and sitting ability to big, long strided mares. He has consistently shortened longer type backs and strengthens stifles and gaskins as well. As for aesthetics he throws his beautiful head, eager yet kind eye and his mop of long thick hair.

His foals have all gotten varying degrees of his attitude. Most of the fillies are super quiet and gentle while others have bit more spunk and want to show off more like Dad. His colts have all had dad’s noble air, some more arrogant than others but they always act like gentlemen. And above all every last foal displays commonsense and the desire to be with humans and please them. And be warned, Regaliz’s favorite thing is to have his bum scratched and most of his foals follow suit. They will keep you busy for hours following you around gently nudging your arm then turning around and begging for rump scroochies!

Regaliz suffered severe injury as a foal so has never been able to be shown which is truly unfortunate as he would shine and bloom in performance as he was bred too. Regaliz get are consistently wining ribbons as well as earning Regaliz Get of Sire class points! Regaliz is often in the USEF list of leading sires both for the Andalusian/Lusitano division as well as the Dressage Breeding divisions.

ERAHC Region Six Horse Show, South Hadley, MA. June 2007, USEF A rated
• 1st place Get of Sire Purebred Andalusians – Don Carlos, Manrico
• 1st place Get of Sire Half Andalusians – Sarika, Orlando

Ox Ridge Dressage Sport Horse Show, August 2003, Darien, CT. USDF/USEF rated
• 1st place Get of Sire – Manrico, Senta

Broadfield’s Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show, August 2004, Hampton Falls, NH.
USDF/USEF rated.
• 1st place Get of Sire – Manrcio, Arturo

Pine Meadow Farm DSHB, July 2006 Ballston Spa, NY. USDF/USEF rated
• 1st place Get of Sire – Orlando, Sarika



Regaliz is retired from breeding

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